Application of corundum mullite castable
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Corundum mullite castable is a high-grade refractory material composed of corundum and mullite as main components. It has a wide range of applications in high-temperature industrial fields, and has the following characteristics and applications:

1. Corundum mullite castable has extremely high refractoriness and can withstand extreme temperatures in high temperature environments. They are often used in equipment such as high-temperature furnaces, high-temperature storage tanks and copper alloy smelting furnaces.

2. Corundum mullite castable has good resistance to corrosive media such as acid, alkali and salt. Therefore, in the chemical industry and metallurgical industry, they are often used in devices dealing with corrosive gases and liquids, such as pickling tanks and furnace linings.

3. Corundum mullite castable has excellent thermal shock stability, can withstand thermal stress caused by rapid temperature changes, and is not prone to cracking and damage. Therefore, in the pyrometallurgy and glass industry, they are often used in the lining of equipment such as glass kilns, blast furnaces and smelting furnaces.

4. Corundum mullite castable has good wear resistance, and has certain resistance to mechanical wear and impact of granular materials. Therefore, in industries such as metallurgy, cement and coal, they are often used as lining materials for equipment such as steel flow systems, rotary kilns and coal gasifiers.

5. corundum mullite castable has a low thermal conductivity, which can effectively insulate heat. In high-temperature smelting and heating equipment, the use of corundum mullite castables can reduce energy loss and temperature fluctuations, and improve the energy efficiency of equipment.


In short, corundum mullite castables are widely used in high temperature industrial fields due to their excellent fire resistance, erosion resistance, thermal shock stability and wear resistance. They are often used in high-temperature equipment in ferroalloy, glass, metallurgy, chemical and cement industries to protect equipment from high temperature, corrosion and wear, and to prolong the service life and stability of equipment.

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