The use of clay refractory castable
  • Time:Jun 16, 2023
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Clay refractory castable is a kind of refractory material commonly used in lining of high temperature equipment. The following will introduce the function of clay refractory castable.

1. Play a protective role

In a high temperature environment, the metal melt or the gas inside the furnace will cause erosion and damage to the equipment lining. The use of clay-based refractory castables can form a dense, chemical-resistant and mechanical-shock protective layer on the surface of equipment, thereby prolonging the life of equipment linings.

2. Improve equipment performance

Since clay refractory castable has excellent thermal insulation and thermal conductivity, it can effectively improve the insulation effect and heat conduction efficiency of equipment, and can maintain good stability at high temperatures.

3. Simplify the construction process

Compared with the traditional masonry structure, the use of clay-based refractory castables can greatly simplify the construction process and reduce construction time, reduce labor costs and improve construction efficiency.

4. Good adaptability

Clay-based refractory castables can adjust the ratio and preparation process according to the needs of different occasions, so as to adapt to different use environments and needs.


In short, clay-based refractory castables are widely used in the field of high-temperature equipment, and their main functions include protecting equipment, improving equipment performance, simplifying construction technology, and having good adaptability.

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