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4-Full service

  • 01

    Full Process

    From selecting material, selecting model, designing, receiving goods, guiding masonry techniques, and managing, carefully service customer until the end.

  • 02

    Full Day

    7×24 hours of counseling service, offering the most effective and fastest service to ensure that the loss caused by the failure for customers is minimized.

  • 03

    Full Aspects

    Regularly inspect and visit all customers as per plans, and effective understanding and improvement of customer's product usage.

  • 04

    Full Spirit

    Patiently listen to customers’opinions and requirements, carefully solve their problem and provide high-quality services, and refuse any gifts privately.

Improve business

Full day service:7×24 hours of counseling service: offering the most effective and fastest service to resolve any problems for customers.

Signing contract

Strictly perform the requirements according to contract, guarantee the customer's delivery time, and guarantee the product quality.


1、Arrange on-site engineers for supervising masonry, arrange masonry training for free, and train operators in safety and technology aspects.

2、Establish the service file management system, follow up and communicate with users in time, pay a return visit by e-mail at least once a month, and return visits to customers’ usage.

3、If customer has any problem, our company has a service mailbox:

[email protected] We are ready for visitors to contact us in 24 hours every day, no rest during holidays.

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