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Zhengzhou Zhenjin refractory material CO., Ltd. ( hereafter: ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES ) founded in 1985, is located in Xinmi City, Henan Province of China. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES is a refractory-manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, international trade and technical services. The company is committed to cement industry, glass industry, non-ferrous smelting and steel & iron industry to provide products, construction and installation and tailor services.

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES is one of the earliest developers of periclase-hercynite brick and composite structure GUIMO bricks with composite structure for new-type dry process cement kiln in China. In decades to industry contribution, ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has been awarded “Advanced Technology Enterprise", “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Access Announcement Enterprise” and “Grade A in Environment Assessment Performance”. Passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO24001 environmental management system and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, the trademark of “ZHENJIN” was award “China Famous” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the famous trademark of Henan Province.

  • ISO Environmental Management System

  • ISO Environmental Management System

  • ISO occupational health and safety system

  • Advanced Technology Enterprise
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Access
  • EIA grade A
  • Chinese famous trademark

Quality Management

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has two lines of burnt basic bricks, one line of alumina-silica shaped refractory, as well as one line of unshaped refractory production. There are three super-high temperature tunnel kilns up to 1850℃, with the total capacity of about 100,000 tons/annual of various type refractories. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has long focused on technological innovation and modern equipment investment, automatic production of programming dosage, two hydraulic presses of 2500-ton. All the cement bricks have to pass the multi-functional finishing line, imported from Europe, in order to sort bricks beyond the tolerance, to stick card board and to mark brand.

  • 78

    Technical staff

  • 100,000 T

    Annual product

  • 100%

    Factory pass rate

78 professional engineering personnel work on research & development, production, quality control and brick inspection. The company has important Japanese X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for chemical tests. It can quickly and accurately monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products, to ensure the stable properties of raw materials and finished products with in the standards. Strong research and development team and advance inspection equipment provide a guarantee of the product quiddity, in the help of the technology and innovation.

Patent Qualification

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES devotes to research and to develop high-quality refractory materials for a long time. A series of high-grade refractory materials to meet the needs of the cement industry. And a various product for the “non-ferrous, lime and chemical” industries, ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has 9 patented and 26 utility model technology patents. The magnesia—alumina spinel brick and GUIMO wear-resistant composite brick are assessed by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology as leading level in the industry. Periclase-hercynite refractory bricks developed by the company has the effect of chromium-free environmental protection, which is an indispensable chromium-free environmental protection product in cement industry.

The composite structure GUIMO independently developed by ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has both wear-resisting and heat-insulating effects, and is the preferred material for green, environmental and energy-saving production in cement industry.

Patent Qualification
Patent No Patent name
ZL 2009 1 0066274.X Production method of steel fiber reinforced wear-resistant bricks
ZL 2009 1 0066278.8 A high-strength castable
ZL 2006 1 012X393X X silicon molybdenum wear-resistant composite brick
ZL 2009 1 0066273.5 Production method of silicon molybdenum wear-resistant brick
ZL 2009 1 0056276.9 Production method of magnesia-aluminum spinel brick
ZL 2012 1 0183879.9 Magnesium iron spinel thermal insulation composite brick
ZL 2012 1 0183880.1 Magnesium-iron spinel brick
ZL 2009 1 0066277.3 High-load soft, high thermal shock stability direct bonding magnesia-chrome brick production method
ZL 2014 2 0485173.2 Heat-insulating firebrick with hollow structure
ZL 2022 2 2813291.9 A multi-stage screening device for castables with high thermal shock stability
ZL 2022 2 1928896.6 Refractory vibrating screen pre-removal device
ZL 2012 2 1949094.3 A dust bag over-temperature automatic protection device
ZL 2022 2 2314114.6 A crushing and stirring device for mixing raw materials of cordierite and silicon carbide bricks
ZL 2022 2 1949204.6 A refractory brick marking device
ZL 2022 2 2314115.0 A material consistency monitoring device for high wear-resistant and anti-erosion castables
ZL 2022 2 2424949.7 A feeding system for refractory brick drying and sintering
ZL 2022 2 2813259.0 A forming device with convenient replacement of brick molds for the production of corrosion-resistant magnesia-alumina spinel bricks

Recognition by Global Clients

Since its founding, the production of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES have created a number of reliable using record in cement rotary kiln (CRK), and have been widely recognized by Huaxin Cement, Xingchuancheng Cement, Nanfang Cement, Mengdian Cement and other well-known domestic cement group enterprises, the products have covered 31 provinces and administrative regions in China, and exported to Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Chile and other international markets, with its stable performance, excellent quality, and specialty technology.

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES material has always been adhering to the “customer interests first” business policy, to the “create value for customers” purpose, to the international refractory production standards as the goal, integration of resources and to provide guarantee for the manufacture of high quality resistance material products, enabling the rapid development of high temperature industry.

  • Customer interests come first

  • Build a century-old enterprise

  • Promote the development of high temperature industry

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