What kind of refractory bricks are used for casting?
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In the foundry field, commonly used refractory bricks mainly include the following:

1. Silicate refractory brick: Silicate refractory brick is made of high-purity silicate raw material, which has good fire resistance, slag corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. They are widely used in high-temperature furnaces such as foundry furnaces, hot blast furnaces and glass kilns, and can withstand high temperatures and corrosive gases and liquids.

2. High-alumina refractory bricks: High-alumina refractory bricks use high-alumina raw materials as the main component, and have high fire resistance, slag corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. They are suitable for high temperature equipment such as foundry furnaces, molten iron pools, electric furnaces and aluminum smelting furnaces, and can withstand high temperatures and erosion by molten iron.

3. Magnesia-carbon refractory brick: Magnesia-carbon refractory brick is composed of magnesia and graphite, which has excellent thermal shock resistance and high temperature corrosion resistance. These refractory bricks are commonly used for the bottom and side walls of foundry furnaces and are able to withstand high temperatures and chemical attack.

4. Silicon carbide refractory brick: Silicon carbide refractory brick is composed of silicon carbide particles and binder, which has extremely high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. They are used in special foundry applications such as alloy smelting furnaces and white iron furnaces.

5. Silicon nitride refractory bricks: Silicon nitride refractory bricks use silicon nitride powder as the main raw material, and have extremely high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. They are often used in high temperature corrosive environments in foundry processes, such as copper alloy smelting furnaces and molten steel treatment equipment.


Choosing the right refractory brick depends on the temperatures involved in the casting process, the aggressive nature of the material, and the needs of a particular application. Various types of refractory bricks have different advantages and scope of application. The most suitable refractory material can be selected according to the specific situation to ensure the stability and long life of the casting equipment.

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