<b>Chemical Industry Solutions</b>
Chemical Industry Solutions
The chemical industry is an important field for the application of refractory materials. Due to the large number of thermal kilns and complex operating conditions, real gold refractories can provide various types of refractory materials according to their needs to adapt to their special application conditions.

The development of new technologies in the chemical industry also places new demands on the environmental compatibility of refractory materials. The same applies for utmost efficiency in the use of resources. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has accepted this challenge and works closely together with plant engineering companies and plant owner/operators to find high-temperature solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and meeting emission targets.


In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible, ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES uses shaped products as well as all kinds of unshaped products (cementitious and non-cementitious) for all conventional processing methods.

In our overall refractory concept, a decisive factor is the perfect installation of selected high-grade products to ensure trouble-free production and the longest possible service life. For this reason, we not only attach great importance to detailed project planning with the latest engineering technology, but also to highly specialized installation supervisors, inspections, evaluations, and documentation. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES offers a comprehensive range of services and service tools to give our customers optimum support during and after installation of the refractory materials.


Spalling resistant high alumina bricks

Silicon carbide bricks

Corundum-mullite bricks

High alumina castable

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