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Our story


Founding and early growth

In 1985, our founder Mr. Song Jinbiao established a refractory material factory, which later developed into a professional refractory material manufacturer with 50 employees, and built a microcomputer batching building to realize automatic batching.


Continued investment and expanded business

In the following years, Zhenjin further increased equipment investment, expanded manufacturing space, and introduced new technologies to realize environmentally friendly automated production, and Zhenjin became the top brand in China’s refractory market, but we didn’t stop there.


Looking into the future

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES saw 80% of its manufacturing automated in 2019. We now have 300 employees and 48 patents. Being one of China's top refractory material suppliers, Zhenjin is now looking to serve a global market.

Going Global

  • · Since 2010

    The products are exported to the Hyundai Group in South Korea and operate safely for more than one year.

  • · 2012

    ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has entered the Japanese and Indian markets, and high-strength alkali-resistant bricks and castables have been affirmed by international customers.

  • · 2014

    ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES entered the Vietnamese and Pakistani markets, and entered the African market.

  • · 2015

    ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES' GUIMO abrasion resistant bricks and periclase-hercynite brick enter the Cambodian market.

  • · 2018

    ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES entering the Mongolian market, the safe operation time of periclase-hercynite brick exceeds one year.

  • · 2020

    Enter the Tanzanian market

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