Corundum-mullite bricks
Corundum-mullite bricks
Corundum-mullite bricks

Corundum-mullite bricks

During the production of corundum mullite bricks, a certain thickness of thermal insulation layer material is designed and produced on its non-working surface according to the conditions of use, and special production technology is used to combine two different materials into a whole. Under the premise of keeping the thermal expansion rate close to the same, a piece of product has high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, high strength, erosion resistance and thermal insulation functions, which can effectively solve the problem that the double-layer masonry of the rotary kiln cannot be built with thermal insulation materials.
Available industries:nonferrous and chemical industry
Features: Flexibility corrosion Erosion resistance



  • Flexibility corrosion
  • High temperature strength
  • Erosion resistance
  • Strong insulation



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