alumina silica refractory brick

Introduction: Alumina silica refractory brick is a high temperature refractory brick made of alumina and silica as main components. The siliceous refractory bricks produced by Zhenjin refractories have strong thermal shock stability and corrosion resistance, and are widely used in large-scale cement rotary kilns. Due to the long service life of the products, they have improved economic benefits for the enterprise. Welcome to consult online.

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Alumina silica refractory brick is a type of high-temperature resistant material made primarily from alumina and silica. It typically exhibits the following characteristics:

1. High strength: Alumina silica refractory brick has a tight structure and high strength, allowing it to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress.

2. Good resistance to erosion: The high content of silica in this type of brick provides excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, making it suitable for applications in industries such as chemical engineering.

3. Excellent high-temperature resistance: Alumina silica refractory brick remains stable and strong even at high temperatures.

4. Good resistance to wear and tear: With its high hardness, this type of brick is less prone to abrasion and can be used over an extended period without affecting its performance.

5. Low thermal conductivity: Alumina silica refractory brick has a relatively low thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

Alumina silica refractory brick is widely used in industries such as metallurgy, chemical engineering, and construction. It can be used as insulation material or lining material in high-temperature equipment like blast furnaces, glass kilns, steelmaking converters, etc.

Overall, alumina silica refractory brick provides a durable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for high-temperature industrial applications.

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