Ningxia Jinyuyuan Resource Recycling Co., Ltd.
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Wuzhong City, Ningxia
Supply materials: Perclase-hercynite refractory bricks, GUIMO abrasion resistant bricks
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      Ningxia Jinyuyuan Resource Recycling Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Jinyuyuan Resource Recycling) is a subsidiary of Ningxia Jinyuyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. The company is located in Qingtongxia Town, Wuzhong City, Ningxia. Jinyuyuan Resource Recycling Company mainly deals in limestone, calcium carbide (commonly known as calcium carbide), special Portland cement and cement clinker. The company's production capacity is 275,000 tons/year of calcium carbide, 600,000 tons/year of cement and 300,000 tons of clinker.

      Jinyuyuan resource regeneration will use ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES' GUIMO abrasion resistant brick 1650, perclase-hercynite refractory brick and magnesia fire clay from 2021. In the process of use, the product has a long service life, and has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, corrosion resistance and peeling resistance, which is completely comparable to imported products and can be replaced to improve the benefits for enterprises.

      Among them, the GUIMO abrasion resistant brick used in the regeneration of Jinyuyuan resources uses high-quality silicon carbide and high-purity bauxite as clinker as the main raw material. The series of products form a dense glaze film on the surface at high temperature, which prevents the reaction between the refractory lining and the material, delays the penetration and erosion speed, and makes the product have high resistance to chemical erosion and excellent wear resistance. It is the transition zone of large cement kilns. , The preferred material for preheating.

Customer Reviews

Through the actual use of the products of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES, the raw materials used in the products have high purity, stable high-temperature performance indicators, high wear resistance, erosion resistance, and high thermal shock stability. There is no erosion caused by peeling in the entire kiln system. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES the completion of the GUIMO abrasion resistant brick of Jin Company can meet our actual production needs, which is why our company's clinker production has achieved good economic benefits.

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