The demand ratio of refractory castables and refractory bricks
  • Time:Mar 23, 2023
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      Relatively speaking, the proportion of demand for refractory bricks and castables is relatively large. However, with the actual situation of national environmental protection and energy conservation, the proportion of castables is increasing year by year.

      Refractory castables are the second largest product in refractory materials. They are amorphous materials that do not sinter. The production process of refractory castables is simple, convenient in construction, and wide in applicability. Moreover, the products are constantly updated and iterated. Castables of different materials, the same It can meet the lining requirements of various kilns, and in the production process of refractory castables, the firing link is omitted, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


      Refractory bricks are made by high-temperature pressure and high-temperature sintering, and their strength is higher than that of refractory castables. Moreover, refractory bricks sintered at high temperatures have better fatigue resistance than castables, and castables are binders that make materials stronger. If the castable is not properly baked, symptoms such as cracks may also appear. The refractory bricks are sintered at high temperature, so there is no problem in the baking process.

      The masonry of refractory bricks is inseparable from the matching of castables. For example, fireclay of the same material as refractory bricks is the connecting material when laying refractory bricks. Refractory castables are integral materials. After pouring construction and baking, the overall airtightness is strong, and there is no brick joint problem of refractory bricks, and there will be no lottery phenomenon like refractory bricks.

      With the further deepening of environmental and social work, the products made of castables into prefabricated parts are becoming more and more extensive, that is, the same process as the material is first produced into castables, and then molds are made into different models of parts according to user requirements, and the materials are poured Put it into the mold and vibrate into a brick shape. During construction, the prefabricated parts used in special parts are directly placed in the use part, which reduces the stirring and pounding in the construction process, and the use effect is almost the same as that of refractory bricks.

      Castables are likely to account for a larger proportion of the market in the future, mainly because of non-burning and environmental protection. Save a lot of energy consumption. As far as the current usage situation is concerned, castables are used in the lining of kilns, and the amount of castables is not as large as that of refractory bricks. However, with the emergence of the overall spraying technology for inner linings in recent years, the amount of castables may exceed that of refractory bricks. In recent years, Lime kiln integral spray lining, blast furnace lining integral lining, lime rotary kiln prefabricated parts and castable lining, the use effect is longer than the service life of refractory bricks.

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