Prefabrication and construction process development of refractory castables for cement kilns
  • Time:Jan 09, 2023
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      Based on the application and development of traditional high alumina high-strength castables, the kiln entrance castable has changed greatly in its formulation system, which is a high performance low cement castable with sky-based high efficiency water reducing agent and superfine powder as its main features. On the basis of the traditional high alumina castable formulation, corundum-silicon carbide castable, rhodochrosite based low expansion castable and corundum-mullite high strength low cement castable with composite aggregate are formed through gradual evolution. The reduction of the expansion coefficient of the castable can effectively suppress the internal stress of the material under high temperature environment, thus improving its volume stability and thermal shock resistance; the addition of superfine powder and additives to the new formulation of the castable can significantly improve the overall performance of the castable, thus extending its service life from 4-6 months to 10 months or even more than one year.

      All along, the use of coal jet casting material has been difficult to achieve the expected effect due to the harsh working conditions, which has formed a certain degree of restriction on the normal operation of cement kiln. At present, the castable material for coal jet pipe is mainly aluminum-silicon carbide system castable and corundum-spinel castable, of which the former adds superfine powder and silicon carbide in high alumina raw material, the addition of silicon carbide improves the thermal shock resistance of the material and forms liquid phase layer on the surface of the material under high temperature, which improves the alkali resistance of the material and greatly improves the service life of the material; corundum-spinel It has high high temperature fracture strength, and the spinel itself has certain alkali resistance, which has achieved certain effect on the coal jet pipe. The development and application of these new products and technologies have improved the service life of coal injection pipes from 3~4 months before to 6~8 months at present.

Progress in prefabrication of refractory castables

      Prefabrication is another major direction in the development of unshaped refractories, where each shaped part is cast and dried in the production plant and then transported to the site for installation. Construction cycle. At present, some cement plants choose prefabricated parts to replace traditional castables in the grate cooler throat, three air duct gate valves, grate cooler dwarf wall, etc., and achieve ideal results. Based on the analysis of the advantages of precast parts such as easy maintenance, free from baking and good use effect, it will be widely promoted and applied as a unique solution in the future development.

High alumina cement

Development of the construction process for amorphous refractories

      Compared with the traditional process, spraying construction (including wet spraying and dry spraying two forms) because of its high degree of mechanization and significantly improve the construction efficiency, and thus for the cement production enterprises with the compression of the production cycle, so that the economic and social benefits are significantly improved. By using the spraying process, the process can effectively avoid the influence of human factors on the construction quality, and the quality of the product is stable, so that the service life of the refractory material is improved.

      ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES is dedicated to the research and development, technical solution design, construction and supporting products of refractories for cement, lime, non-ferrous, steel, glass and chemical industries, etc. It is a one-stop turnkey service provider integrating production, marketing, research and export of high-temperature kiln solutions. The service chain runs through the whole project life cycle, including preliminary consultation, design, R&D, construction and safety production, etc. Through the optimal combination of various grades of products to meet different process requirements, we can effectively create value for our customers.

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