Inner Mongolia Xishui Venture Co., Ltd. 2000t/d cement line project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia
Supply materials: spalling resistant high alumina bricks
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Inner Mongolia Xishui Venture Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Xishui Co., Ltd.) is located in the western part of Inner Mongolia and borders the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is mainly engaged in the cement industry and is one of the largest cement suppliers in the central and western regions.

Since 2009, Xishui Co., Ltd. has used ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES spalling resistant high-alumina bricks for the transition zone of cement rotary kiln. According to the construction situation on site, ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES dispatched technical engineers to the site in time to put forward reasonable suggestions, so that the masonry work of the rotary kiln could be completed on time.

Spalling resistant high-alumina bricks used in the transition zone have a long service life, and the wear resistance of the product is checked after the kiln is stopped.

ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES' spalling resistant high-alumina bricks uses the principle of complex toughening to generate micro-cracks in the structure of the product, relieve or block the damage caused by thermal stress, thereby improving the thermal shock stability of the product and strengthening the high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance. The performance and service life are more than 3 times that of traditional high alumina bricks.

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ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES' products are of good quality and service, and are deeply trusted by our leaders and employees. Our company will continue to choose ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES' refractory products, and we firmly believe that our cooperation will last longer!

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