Shanshui Cement Zhalaite Banner 5000t/d Cement Line Project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Inner Mongolia
Supply materials: magnesia-aluminum spinel brick, high-strength alkali-resistant brick
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       Zhaliteqi Shanshui Cement Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Shandong Shanshui Cement Group Co., Ltd. (Shanshui Group for short), a large and medium-sized enterprise dominated by cement clinker. Shanshui Group is one of the 12 large-scale cement enterprises supported by the state. In 2008 On July 4, 2008, the company was listed in Hong Kong and became the first red chip stock of China Cement.

       Since 2009, the group company has invested 2 billion yuan, through acquisition, new construction, expansion and other forms, has 9 enterprises in Inner Mongolia, forming 3.5 million tons of clinker and 7.5 million tons of cement production capacity.

       The production line adopts the raw material vertical mill produced by Hefei Zhongya Company; adopts the low pressure loss five-stage cyclone preheater and the pipeline type decomposition furnace with pre-combustion chamber; the 2500 line adopts Φ4×60m rotary kiln; the 4000 line adopts Φ4.8m*74m rotary kiln kilns; hydraulic transmission grate coolers, etc., represent the most advanced equipment level in China today; DCS central control and command system is the symbol of modern factories; the comprehensive technology content of the whole system ranks at the domestic advanced level.

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