SDIC Xindeng Zhengzhou Cement Co., Ltd. 5000t/d cement line project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Supply materials: magnesia-alumina spinel bricks, high-load mild steel fiber wear-resistant bricks
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      SDIC Xindeng Zhengzhou Cement Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: SDIC Xindeng) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDIC Xindeng Zhengzhou Coal Industry Co., Ltd. It built the first 5000t/d cement production line in Zhengzhou in 2008. The new dry process cement production line has an annual output of 1.5 million tons of clinker and 2 million tons of cement.

      Since 2010, SDIC Xindeng has used the magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks and high-load mild steel fiber wear-resistant bricks of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES. Magnesium-aluminum spinel is specially used in the transition zone of rotary kiln, and has been operated safely for 14 months. The product has good thermal shock stability, excellent kiln skin bonding performance, high temperature resistance, anti-stripping and anti-erosion characteristics. The high cost performance of the product meets the company's actual situation. Production demand, so that the company's clinker production has achieved good economic benefits.

      The magnesia-alumina spinel brick is a star product of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES. It is a high-grade alkaline refractory material with periclase and spinel as the main minerals. Due to the addition of a specific mineralizer to improve the internal structure of the product, the product can be adjusted according to the application process. It can be customized according to the conditions and specific physical and chemical indicators, and is widely used in cement kilns and lime kilns.

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The refractory bricks of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES are of high quality and high-quality services. Our products and services have been trusted by our company. The quality of Zhenjin products can completely replace imported products. In the future, we will continue to use Zhenjin Company's products for a long time. 

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