Chongqing Jinjiu Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. 2500t/d cement line project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Chongqing City
Supply materials: magnesia-alumina spinel bricks, GUIMO abrasion resistant bricks, high alumina bricks, anti-coating castable, silicon carbide castable
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      Chongqing Jinjiu Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Chongqing Jinjiu Cement Co., Ltd., referred to as: Jinjiu Cement) is a subsidiary of Chongqing Jinjiu Holding Group Co., Ltd. that integrates limestone mining, construction aggregates, cement, and commercial concrete production and sales. Group private enterprise. The enterprise has advanced technology and equipment, and has established a sound modern enterprise management system.

      Jinjiu Cement has two 2500t/d cement clinker production lines. Since 2010, Zhengzhou Zhenjin Company's magnesia-iron spinel bricks, 1650 silicon molybdenum wear-resistant bricks, 1550 silicon molybdenum wear-resistant bricks, silicon molybdenum red bricks, high alumina Bricks, anti-skin castables, and silicon carbide castables are used for the masonry of cement kiln linings across the line. In the process of use, the service life and wear resistance of the product are in line with the production requirements of Jinjiu Cement kiln line.

      The silicon carbide wear-resistant bricks produced by ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES used by Jinjiu Cement use high-quality silicon carbide and high-purity bauxite as the main raw materials, and are modified by complex phases such as refractory materials, adding ultra-fine oxides and specific additives. , make this series of products form a dense glaze film on the surface at high temperature, prevent the reaction between the refractory lining and the material, delay the penetration and erosion rate, and make the products have high resistance to chemical erosion and excellent wear resistance. It is a large cement kiln. The preferred material for port transition zone and preheat zone. According to the different softening temperature under load, silicon molybdenum wear-resistant bricks are divided into three types: 1680, 1650 and 1550 to meet the needs of different cement manufacturers for bricks.

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The products of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES are of good quality and have a long service life, which fully meet the needs of our cement production. We will continue to cooperate with ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES.

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