Huaxin Cement (Chibi) Co., Ltd. 4000t/d cement line project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Chibi City, Hubei Province
Supply materials: direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks, periclase-hercynite refractory bricks
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     Huaxin Cement (Chibi) Co., Ltd. is the first cement clinker production line in Xianning area that adopts the world's advanced new dry pre-decomposition production process. Since 2009, it has used ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks, and has been operating safely for 372 days. Works well. After the overhaul in January 2010, the whole kiln was replaced with ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES refractory bricks.

     Direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks are in the form of high-purity magnesia and chrome ore in the industry, with the characteristics of pure raw materials and high firing temperature. High-temperature phases such as spar form a direct bond, and low-melting phases such as silicate are distributed in islands, which significantly improves the high-temperature strength and slag resistance of the brick.

      The series of products for cement kilns independently developed by ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES have both wear resistance and heat insulation functions in one, and are the first choice for green, environmental friendly and energy-saving production in the cement industry.

Customer Reviews

Since 2009, our company has used the ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES direct bonded magnesia-chrome bricks to operate safely for 372 days, and the use effect is good. Since 2010, the whole kiln has been replaced with ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES products.

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