What are the refractories for waste incinerators?
  • Time:Aug 01, 2023
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As a kind of equipment under high temperature and corrosive environment, the waste incinerator needs to use refractory materials to protect the structure of the furnace body and provide durability and stability. The following are commonly used refractories for waste incinerators and their applications:

1. High alumina castable: High-alumina castable is a refractory material made of high-purity alumina powder as the main raw material. It has good high temperature stability and corrosion resistance. It is usually used for furnace lining and bottom.

2. Refractory bricks: refractory bricks are one of the most common refractory materials. Different types of refractory bricks can be selected according to the needs of different areas of the waste incinerator. The following are several commonly used refractory bricks:

High alumina bricks: High-alumina bricks have excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and are often used in the hearth, combustion chamber and transition zone of waste incinerators. Click to visit zhenjin refractory high alumina brick

Silicate bricks: Silicate bricks have good fire resistance and thermal shock resistance, and are suitable for combustion chambers, preheaters and transition zones in waste incinerators.

Magnesia alumina bricks: Magnesia-alumina bricks have high refractoriness and chemical stability, and are often used in the reduction zone and cooling zone of waste incinerators.

3. Chromium refractory material: Chromium refractory material is composed of chromium ore and aluminum ore, which has excellent high temperature stability and chemical corrosion resistance. In the high-temperature areas of waste incinerators, such as the furnace and combustion chamber, the use of chrome refractory materials can provide reliable protection.

4. Ceramic fiber: Ceramic fiber is a lightweight refractory material with excellent thermal insulation properties. In waste incinerators, ceramic fibers are commonly used as insulation and insulation layers to reduce energy loss and shell temperature.


In addition, according to the special requirements of waste incinerators, other special types of refractory materials, such as silicon carbide materials and silicon nitride materials, can also be used. These materials have excellent performance in extremely high temperature and special chemical environment.

When selecting refractory materials, factors such as temperature, chemical composition, corrosion and mechanical stress during waste incineration need to be considered comprehensively. Various areas may require different types of refractories to meet their specific operating conditions and requirements. To ensure the safe operation of waste incinerators.

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