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Q:What do you know about the kiln coating?
Kiln coatingrefers to the cement clinker that adheres to the surface of refractory materials in the high-temperature zone inside the kiln. It plays
Q:Initiatives to Reduce Coal Consumption in Cement Plants
In the cement production process, coal consumption typically accounts for more than half of the total clinker production cost. Therefore, reducing coa
Q:Revealing the Weaknesses and Coping Strategies of Refractories in the Cooling Area
1. Problems Faced by Refractories in the Cooling Area (1)High-temperature impact In the production of large dry-process cement kilns, the lining i
Q:Exclusive Tips to Extend the Life of Burner Castables
In the production process of a rotary kiln, the burner plays a crucial role. The burner not only withstands the abrasion and erosion from high-speed g
Q:Technical Development Trend of Refractory Materials for Metallurgical Industry
In the metallurgical industry, refractory materials are a special type of metallurgical metal materials. Some of these materials have a refractory tem
Q:What is the use of magnesium in brick?
Magnesium is not typically used directly in the manufacturing of traditional refractory bricks. However, magnesium compounds, such as magnesite (magne
Q:What are refractory pre-formed shape
Refractory pre-formed shape refer to refractory material products that are manufactured in advance and formed in factories or production equipment. Th
Q:What causes refractory failure?
To mitigate refractory failure, it is important to carefully consider the specific application requirements, select appropriate refractory materials,
Q:What are the new insulation materials?
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of energy efficiency, new insulation materials have been widely research
Q:What are the types of high temperature resistant insulation materials?
High-temperature-resistant insulation materials refer to insulation materials used for high-temperature equipment, which can effectively reduce energy
Q:What causes refractory spalling?
Refractory spalling refers to the phenomenon where fragments or layers of refractory material break off from the lining surface. Several factors can c
Q:Why carbon is used in magnesia refractory?
Carbon is sometimes used in magnesia refractory materials to impart certain desirable properties and enhance their performance. Here are some reasons
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