The role of the refractory mortar
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Refractory mortar is a special kind of refractory material, which is usually used for masonry and repairing high-temperature equipment, furnaces and flues. It has the following main functions:

1. Bonding and fixing

refractory mortar can be used to bond and secure firebricks or other refractory materials. It can fill the brick cracks and voids to form a tight bond, so that the refractory brick blocks can be firmly bonded together.

2, sealing performance

refractory mortar has good sealing performance and can fill and block cracks and loopholes in the furnace or pipes. This is essential to prevent the leakage of high-temperature gases, liquids or solid substances, ensuring the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

3, fire maintenance

Refractory bricks and coatings can be damaged due to factors such as oxidation, erosion and wear at high temperatures. refractory mortar can be used to repair and maintain damaged refractory materials, extending their service life and performance.

4. Heat conduction control

refractory mortar can be used to control heat transfer in high-temperature equipment. By coating the surface of the equipment with refractory mortar, heat transfer and loss can be reduced, the thermal efficiency of the equipment can be improved, and energy consumption can be reduced.

5, anti-corrosion performance

refractory mortar can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances attack. It provides a protective coating to prevent the damage of corrosive media to the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

6, thermal expansion compensation

At high temperatures, the material will undergo thermal expansion and contraction. refractory mortar has good thermal expansion performance, which can compensate the stress caused by thermal expansion when the high temperature changes, and reduce the thermal shock and damage of equipment.

Refractory mortar

In short, refractory mortar plays an important role in the high-temperature industrial field. It is used for bonding, fixing, sealing, repairing and protecting refractory materials, while also performing important functions such as controlling heat transfer, corrosion prevention and thermal expansion compensation to ensure stable operation and safety of high-temperature equipment.

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