Does the use of refractory bricks affect the environment?
  • Time:May 05, 2023
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As an important building material, refractory bricks have a certain impact on the environment due to their production and use. Therefore, the environmental evaluation of refractory bricks is also very important. The following is an introduction to the impact of refractory bricks on the environment during use.

The use of refractory bricks may have a certain impact on the environment, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Pollutants such as waste gas, waste water and solid waste will be generated during the production of refractory bricks. If they are not effectively treated and treated, they may cause pollution to the surrounding environment.

2. Refractory bricks may release harmful gases when they burn or decompose under high temperature conditions, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc. These gases are harmful to the environment and human health.

3. During the use of refractory bricks, particles and particles may be released due to wear, corrosion and other reasons. These particles may affect air quality and human health.


In order to reduce the impact of refractory bricks on the environment, corresponding measures need to be taken during production and use. For example, the supervision and management of pollutant discharge should be strengthened during the production process, and clean production technology should be promoted; during use, care should be taken to maintain and maintain refractory bricks to reduce their wear and corrosion, while improving the process level and equipment efficiency to reduce pollutant discharge amount and concentration.

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