The use of basic refractory materials
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Alkaline refractories are a kind of special refractories specially used for high temperature equipment and industrial furnaces in alkaline medium environment. So what are the uses of alkaline refractories? The following is an introduction to the use of alkaline refractory materials.
1. Metallurgy field
In the process of iron and steel smelting and casting, it is necessary to use a large number of high-temperature equipment and furnaces, such as converters, electric furnaces, steelmaking furnaces, casting pits, etc. These devices all require the use of basic refractory materials to protect the integrity and durability of the internal structure.
2. Petrochemical field
In petrochemical, chlor-alkali salt production and other processes, it is often necessary to use high-temperature equipment and reactors, such as kilns, towers, hydrogenation reactors, etc. These devices also require the use of basic refractory materials to resist high temperature and strong corrosive media.


3. Automobile industry
In the automobile manufacturing process, high-temperature kilns and drying equipment are required for welding, hardening, painting and other processes. These devices also require the use of basic refractories to withstand high temperatures and chemical corrosion.
4. Other fields
In addition to the above-mentioned industries, alkaline refractories are also widely used in high-temperature equipment and furnaces in glass manufacturing, building materials, and electric power industries.
To sum up, the role of alkaline refractories in industry is very important, it can protect the integrity and durability of high-temperature equipment and kilns, and ensure the normal operation of the production process. With the continuous development of industry and continuous innovation of technology, the demand for basic refractory materials will increase.

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