Raw materials for refractory materials
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Refractory is a material that can maintain stable structure and performance at high temperature. According to different raw material combinations and production processes, various types of refractory products can be manufactured. The following is an introduction to the raw materials of refractory materials.
1. Silicon materials: such as silica, quartz sand, etc. Refractory products produced from siliceous materials such as silica bricks, silica bricks, etc.
2. High alumina materials: such as kaolin, bauxite, bauxite, desulfurized aluminum ash, etc. Refractory products made of high alumina materials such as high alumina bricks, high alumina ductile iron, etc.
3. Mullite material: such as light mullite, heavy mullite, etc. Refractory products produced from mullite materials such as mullite bricks, mullite ceramsite, etc.

4. Silicon carbide materials: such as silicon carbide, diatomaceous earth, dolomite, etc. Refractory products made of silicon carbide materials such as silicon carbide bricks, silicon carbide pipe fittings, etc.
5. Alumina materials: such as alumina with high whiteness, industrial alumina, etc. Refractory products produced from alumina materials such as alumina ceramics, alumina fibers, etc.
6. Phosphate materials: such as calcium phosphate trihydrate, aluminum phosphate dihydrate, etc. Refractory products produced from phosphate materials such as phosphate cement, spraying materials, etc.
7. Borate materials: such as boron magnesium wire, boric acid, etc. Refractory products produced by borates, such as borate ceramics, calcium borate ceramics, etc.
It should be noted that different refractory materials will have different physical properties, mechanical strength, compressive and tensile properties due to differences in raw materials. In practical applications, appropriate refractory materials should be selected according to specific occasions and needs.

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