Huaxin Cement (Huangshi) Co., Ltd. 10000t/d cement line project
Industry: Cement industry case Project address: Huangshi City, Hubei Province
Supply materials: periclase-hercynite refractory bricks
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      In 2020, the annual output of 2.85 million tons of cement clinker project (10,000-ton line) in Huangshi Green Building Materials Eco-Industrial Park will be ignited and put into operation. The technologies used and the economic and technical indicators achieved are all advanced technologies in the world.

      The 10,000-ton line of Huangshi Cement adopts ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES periclase-hercynite refractory bricks, which is Huangshi Cement's affirmation and recognition of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES. The first cycle ran safely for 410 days, and the second cycle has been in safe operation since it was ignited in November 2021, and is expected to have better performance.

      Periclase-hercynite refractory brick used in Huangshi Cement is one of the new chrome-free basic refractories used in the firing zone of the CRK. The problem is that periclase-hercynite refractory bricks are easier to stick to the kiln skin than directly combined magnesia-chrome bricks, and are ideal chrome-free basic refractories for the firing zone of cement rotary kilns.

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ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES refractory bricks have good quality, regular appearance, good wear resistance, and high cost performance. Their overall quality can completely replace imported products.

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