Causes of ladle refractory damage
  • Time:Jun 26, 2023
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Ladle refractory damage refers to the high temperature environment in the ladle during the steel smelting process, the ladle wall refractory damage, loss of phenomenon. The reasons for the destruction of ladle refractory include the following:

1, steel erosion: steel contains iron, silicon, oxide and other components, these components react with refractory materials at high temperatures, so that they are gradually eroded and worn. Especially when the steel water contains more alumina, it will lead to the formation of low melting point aluminate in the ladle lining with the alumina in the steel water, which accelerates the erosion of refractory materials.

2, thermal shock: the ladle is often in a high temperature state, there may be a huge temperature difference between different parts, in the change of temperature, deformation is prone to thermal shock cracking, and gradually expand under the working conditions, resulting in the refractory material breakage, spalling and other problems.

3, mechanical collision: ladle as a container, need to constantly dump, rotate and other operations, the process may occur mechanical collision, resulting in the refractory material broken, falling off.

4, thermal expansion: the temperature of the steel inside the ladle is up to 1600 ℃ or more, in the process of steel smelting, the ladle internal thermal expansion phenomenon, easily lead to refractory deformation, cracking and other problems.

5, other factors: such as fatigue damage caused by chemical erosion, heating and cooling and other long time cycle use.

ladle refractory

In summary, the ladle refractory damage causes complex, including steel erosion, thermal shock, mechanical collision, thermal expansion and other aspects of the impact. In practice, it is necessary to take corresponding measures, such as optimizing the smelting process, improving the quality of refractory materials and strengthening maintenance, in order to extend the service life of ladle refractories and ensure the stability and safety of steel quality.

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