Magnesia chrome brick masonry method
  • Time:Jun 19, 2023
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magnesia chrome brick is a kind of refractory material widely used in high temperature industrial equipment. The masonry method of magnesia chrome brick needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the design scheme and construction drawings, and ensure the quality of materials, construction quality and maintenance requirements. The following is to introduce the magnesia-chromium brick masonry method.

1, material preparation: First of all, you need to prepare the required magnesia chrome brick, refractory paste, cutting machine, hammer, level and other tools and equipment. Determine the location of the masonry, and clean and treat the masonry surface.

2, magnesia chrome brick cutting: according to the need, the use of cutting machine to cut magnesia chrome brick into the required size and shape. Be careful to keep the bricks flat and close in size.

3. Coating of magnesia-chrome brick: Before masonry, it is necessary to coat the contact surface of magnesia-chrome brick with a layer of refractory slurry to improve the bond and tightness of the brick.

4. Positioning of magnesia chrome bricks: According to the design scheme and construction drawings, the bricks coated with refractory paste are placed on the masonry position, and the levelness and verticality are checked with a level.

5, magnesium-chrome brick reinforcement: when a brick is placed, use a hammer to gently knock the brick, and in order to determine the spacing and close fit between the surrounding bricks.

6, magnesia-chrome brick masonry: according to the requirements of the design scheme and construction drawings, layer by layer of magnesia-chrome brick masonry. Care should be taken to maintain the flatness and perpendicularity of each layer to ensure the stability and structural integrity of the entire masonry body.


7, relay welding: When the masonry to a certain height, in order to improve the bonding force between the bricks, you can carry out relay welding. The process involves first cutting grooves in two adjacent bricks, then placing steel bars of the appropriate size in the grooves and securing the steel bars with refractory paste.

8, magnesium chrome inspection and maintenance: after the completion of masonry, should check its quality and tightness, and carry out the necessary maintenance and repair work. At the same time, in the process of use, attention should also be paid to timely cleaning the dust and ash on the surface of the masonry body to ensure the normal operation of the masonry body and extend the service life.

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