Where is the magnesia chrome brick used in the furnace
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Magnesia chrome brick is a high-performance refractory material. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature stability, it is widely used in various high-temperature industrial equipment, including furnaces. So where is the magnesia-chrome brick used in the furnace? The following will introduce to you where the magnesia-chrome brick is used in the furnace.

In furnaces, magnesia-chrome bricks are usually used in the following positions:
1. Furnace wall and roof
The furnace wall and furnace roof are the key parts of the furnace, which need to withstand the erosion of high temperature and corrosive gas. Magnesia-chrome bricks are usually used in the construction of furnace walls and roofs due to their high chemical stability and corrosion resistance.
2. Crucible and bath lining
The crucible and bath lining are the parts of the furnace that come into direct contact with the melt and require extremely high refractory and corrosion resistance. Magnesia-chrome bricks are usually used in the construction of crucibles and bath linings due to their good thermal flexibility and chemical inertness.
3. Casting mold
Furnaces are usually used for smelting and casting of metals, while casting molds are the parts that directly contact the molten metal during the casting process, which require high temperature refractory and corrosion resistance. Magnesia-chrome bricks are usually used to make casting molds because of their high refractoriness and mechanical strength.
It should be noted that the use position of magnesia-chrome bricks in the furnace may vary due to specific process requirements and equipment structure, so it should be selected according to the actual situation.

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