How to improve the performance of magnesia-aluminum brick
  • Time:Jun 19, 2023
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Magnesium aluminum brick is a kind of high performance refractory material, with excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, but its performance still has room for improvement. Here is how to improve the performance of magnesia-aluminum bricks.

1, raw material selection: Reasonable selection of raw materials is the key to improve the performance of magnesia-aluminum bricks. Raw materials such as alumina and magnesium oxide can be tried to improve the compactness and thermal stability of bricks.

2, sintering process optimization: in the production process, the physical properties of magnesia-aluminum bricks can be improved by adjusting the sintering process parameters. For example, increasing the firing temperature, extending the firing time, changing the heat treatment process, etc., can improve the strength and high temperature stability of bricks.

3, additive control: adding an appropriate amount of flux, anti-cracking agent, phase stabilizer, etc., helps to improve the physical properties and structural stability of magnesia-aluminum bricks. However, it should be added with caution to avoid affecting the basic properties of the material.

4, processing method improvement: by changing the processing method and process flow, you can further improve the compactness and crack resistance of magnesia-aluminum bricks. For example, the use of advanced processes such as wet pressing and vacuum casting can improve the physical properties and chemical stability of bricks.

5, maintenance: In the process of use, for the magnesia aluminum bricks that have been laid, it is necessary to strengthen its maintenance work, timely check and repair the cracks and wear on the surface of the bricks, in order to extend its service life.


In short, there are many ways to improve the performance of magnesia-aluminum bricks, and appropriate measures need to be selected according to the actual situation. While improving the performance, it is also necessary to ensure that the basic properties and safety properties of the material are not affected.

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