The use of magnesia chrome sand
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Magnesia chrome sand is a refractory material with high purity, high temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It is made of magnesium oxide and chromium oxide through mixing and sintering processes. The following is an introduction to the main uses of magnesia chrome sand.

1. Production of refractory materials
Due to the excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of magnesia chrome sand, the synthetic magnesia chrome sand used to make directly bonded magnesia chrome brick is made of natural magnesia raw materials such as magnesite, lightly burned magnesia powder and chromite. According to the design requirements, it is a raw material mainly composed of magnesia-chromium spinel obtained by fine grinding, pressing balls, calcining or electro-melting.
Magnesia-chrome sand is widely used in the field of refractory, such as manufacturing high-temperature kiln lining, glass kiln lining, iron and steel smelting furnace lining, etc.

2. Raw material of mortar
By mixing magnesia chrome sand with other materials, it can form a mortar material with high temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance, which is often used in the fields of coating the inner wall of pipelines and water treatment.

3. Raw materials for casting
Magnesia-chrome sand is also a commonly used casting material, which can be used to manufacture high-temperature resistant castings, such as manufacturing iron and steel smelting equipment, high-pressure boilers, heat treatment equipment and other fields.

The use of magnesia chrome sand
4. Raw materials of ceramics
Because magnesia-chrome sand has good characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, it is also used in the manufacture of high-performance ceramic materials, such as alumina-based composite materials, ceramic substrates for electronic devices and other fields.

5. Applications in other fields
Magnesia chrome sand can also be used in metal surface polishing, anti-skid road surface, chemical reaction catalyst, paint filler and so on.
It should be noted that when using magnesia chrome sand, products of different models and specifications should be selected according to specific uses, and evaluated in combination with actual conditions.

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