ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES was invited to participate in the 9th China Cement Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference
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On September 1-2, 2022, the 9th China Cement Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference and Cement "Double Carbon" Conference hosted by China Cement Network will be held in Wuhu, Anhui Province. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES was invited to participate in this conference.

      On September 1-2, 2022, the 9th China Cement Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Exchange Conference and Cement "Double Carbon" Conference hosted by China Cement Network will be held in Wuhu, Anhui Province. ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES was invited to participate in this conference.

      With the theme of "Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, Innovation and Efficiency Enhancement, and Green Upgrade", this conference will in-depth explore new ways of energy conservation and emission reduction in the cement industry to accelerate the realization of green and high-quality development. In recent years, under the influence of power curtailment, coal price soaring, and unrestricted electricity price reform, the cost of cement enterprises has increased significantly. After entering 2022, the challenges for the cement industry are still severe. How can enterprises save energy and reduce consumption and practice green It is more urgent to develop, achieve the "dual carbon" goal, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

China Cement Energy

      In October 2021, the "Carbon Peaking Action Plan before 2030" issued by the State Council pointed out that the cement industry is a key industry area for energy conservation and carbon reduction; Implementation Plan for Emission Statistics and Accounting System”, which requires priority to formulate carbon emission accounting methods for cement and other industries; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments have also successively issued “14th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Green Development” and “Implementation Plan for Synergistic Efficiency of Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction”. a number of policies and regulations.

      Green development has become a strategic path for the cement industry to practice ecological civilization construction, and achieving "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" is a topic entrusted to the cement industry by the times. All enterprises must form a consensus, pool their strengths, and explore a carbon emission reduction path with low operating costs, high technological maturity, and large comprehensive effects. Accelerate green transformation, realize low-carbon and circular development, and help the industry achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

      In the booth area of this conference, ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES exhibited periclase-hercynite refractory bricks, magnesia-aluminum spinel bricks, GUIMO abrasion resistant bricks, spalling resistant high alumina bricks and other cement kiln bricks. Refractory bricks attracted on-site guests to stop and consult.

      ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has been deeply engaged in refractory materials for cement industry for 37 years, and has developed and produced a variety of refractory materials suitable for different kiln types. Through the optimized combination of various grades of products, it can meet the requirements of different process requirements and long-term operation of the industry.

       In the future, the cement industry will become a low-carbon green environmental protection functional industry, and the refractory materials for cement kilns also need to meet the low-carbon green environmental protection requirements.


      ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES actively responded to the national double-carbon green development requirements, and continued to develop and apply energy-saving, environmentally friendly, functional and efficient refractory materials during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Focusing on the guiding spirit of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Comprehensive Work Plan of Henan Province" issued by the provincial government, adhere to green development and kiln renovation, reduce production energy consumption, and help the industry to achieve carbon neutrality in the cement industry by 2060. and goals.

      ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES is based on the cement industry and other high-temperature industrial industries, plays a leading role, keeps up with the pace of the country, and will continue to innovate and create refractory materials, save energy, reduce consumption, intelligent manufacturing, and insist on innovation, and set an example for the industry.

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