Physical and chemical indicators of high alumina castables
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high alumina castable is a refractory material commonly used for lining and repairing of high temperature industrial equipment. The following is a detailed introduction of some common physical and chemical indicators of high alumina castables:

1. Refractoriness: Refractoriness refers to the ability of a material to maintain its physical and chemical properties at high temperatures. For high-alumina castables, its refractoriness is usually above 1700°C, which can resist thermal stress and corrosion at higher temperatures.

2. Compressive strength at room temperature: Compressive strength at room temperature is the ability to measure a material's resistance to pressure at room temperature. High alumina castables usually have high normal temperature compressive strength and can withstand mechanical loads and object weights.

3. Thermal shock stability: Thermal shock stability refers to the ability of a material not to crack or be severely damaged under rapid temperature changes. High alumina castables usually have good thermal shock stability and can withstand thermal stress caused by temperature changes.

4. Thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity is an indicator of the thermal conductivity of a material, indicating the ability of a material to conduct heat. High alumina castables generally have lower thermal conductivity, which reduces heat transfer and loss.

5. Creep property: Creep property refers to the plastic deformation ability of a material after being subjected to continuous stress at high temperature for a long time. High alumina castables generally have good creep properties and are resistant to deformation and relaxation at high temperatures.

6. Cremation shrinkage: Cremation shrinkage refers to the volume shrinkage of materials during high-temperature sintering. High alumina castables usually have low cremation shrinkage and can maintain good dimensional stability.

Physical and chemical indicators of zhenjin refractory high alumina castable: click to visit the page of high alumina castable

Item KBL-70
Composition, wt%
Al₂O₃ ≥70
CaO ≤4
Bulk Density, g/cm³ 110℃×24h ≥2.5
Cold Modulus of Rupture, MPa 110℃×24h ≥8 
1100℃×3h ≥10 
1400℃×3h ≥10 
Cold Crushing Strength
110℃×24h ≥70
1100℃×3h ≥80
1400℃×3h ≥80
Linear Change, % 1100℃×3h ±0.3
1400℃×3h ±0.6
Service Temperature, ℃ 1500

These physical and chemical indicators reflect the refractory performance, mechanical properties and stability under working conditions of high alumina castables. According to different industrial needs, the selection of suitable high-alumina castables requires comprehensive consideration of these indicators, and selection in combination with specific use environments and requirements.

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