Can lightweight refractory bricks be used as heavy refractory bricks?
  • Time:Jul 28, 2023
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Lightweight refractory bricks and heavy refractory bricks have significant differences in composition and performance, so lightweight refractory bricks cannot directly replace heavy refractory bricks.

Lightweight refractory bricks are usually composed of lightweight aggregates (such as expanded perlite, vermiculite, etc.) and binders (such as high alumina cement). They have low density, good thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. Lightweight refractory bricks are widely used in the insulation layer, heat insulation layer and flue of high temperature equipment.

Heavy refractory bricks are usually composed of high-density aggregates (such as kaolin, bentonite, etc.) and binders (such as silicate glue, water glass, etc.). They have high density, excellent mechanical strength and fire resistance, and are often used in parts subject to high temperature, high pressure and chemical erosion, such as metallurgical furnaces, glass kilns, and steel industry equipment.

Due to the low density of lightweight refractory bricks, their mechanical strength and fire resistance are relatively poor, and they cannot withstand severe conditions under heavy loads and high temperature environments. Therefore, using lightweight refractory bricks where heavy refractory bricks are required may cause the component to deform, crack or fail prematurely.


When selecting refractory bricks, the appropriate product should be selected according to the specific conditions of use and requirements. If you need to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperature, heavy load or chemical attack, you should choose heavy refractory bricks that meet the requirements instead of replacing them with lightweight refractory bricks.

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