The preparation method of refractory bricks
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refractory brick is a common high temperature resistant material, usually made of refractory clay or other special materials. The following is a detailed introduction to the preparation method of refractory bricks in general:

1. Raw material preparation: First, the raw materials for refractory bricks need to be prepared, mainly including refractory clay, refractory aggregate (such as high alumina bauxite, quartz sand, etc.), additives and a small amount of binder (such as cement). These raw materials should be weighed and mixed according to the formula ratio.

2. Material processing: Put the refractory clay, refractory aggregate and other additives in the raw materials into a mixer or ball mill for full mixing and grinding. This allows the components to be evenly distributed and improves the operability of the subsequent molding process.

3. Forming: Add the mixed raw materials into the forming mold, and form the refractory brick body of the required shape and size by extrusion, pressing or grouting. Vibration or vibration equipment can be used as needed during the forming process to increase the compactness of the material.

4. Drying: Place the formed refractory brick body in a drying room or drying equipment for drying. This helps to remove moisture and volatile substances from the material, improving the strength and stability of the brick body.

5. Sintering: After drying, put the refractory brick body into a high-temperature environment such as a kiln or tunnel kiln for sintering. During the sintering process, the refractory brick body undergoes chemical and physical changes, making it a refractory brick with excellent refractory properties. The sintering temperature and time are regulated according to different raw materials and requirements.

6. Cooling and quality inspection: After the sintering is completed, the fired refractory bricks are taken out of the furnace and placed in a ventilated cooling area for natural cooling. After cooling, the refractory bricks are subjected to quality inspection and screening to ensure that they meet the specified technical indicators and quality standards.


It should be noted that the specific refractory brick preparation methods may vary due to different types and uses of refractory bricks. In addition, special refractory brick preparation methods, such as casting, injection, pressing, etc., can also be used to produce refractory products of special shapes and sizes. Therefore, in actual operation, the appropriate preparation method should be selected according to the specific situation, and the relevant industry standards and technical specifications should be referred to for operation.

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