What is corundum brick?
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Corundum brick is a type of refractory brick made from high-purity corundum materials, which are derived from natural aluminum oxides or synthetic raw materials. Corundum is a mineral with a high melting point and excellent thermal stability, making it an ideal material for high-temperature industrial applications.

Corundum brick has high strength, excellent resistance to thermal shock, and good chemical stability against acid and alkaline environments. It can withstand temperatures up to 1800°C and is commonly used in the lining of high-temperature kilns, furnaces, and other industrial equipment where high abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance are required.

There are two types of corundum bricks: sintered corundum brick and fused corundum brick. Sintered corundum brick is made by pressing finely ground corundum into shape and then sintering it at high temperatures. Fused corundum brick, on the other hand, is made by melting high-purity raw materials in an electric arc furnace and then pouring the molten material into molds to form bricks.

Corundum bricks can also be further classified based on their alumina content, such as high-alumina corundum brick and low-alumina corundum brick. High-alumina corundum brick has a higher alumina content and better thermal shock resistance, while low-alumina corundum brick has lower alumina content but higher thermal conductivity.


Overall, corundum brick is a high-quality refractory material with excellent thermal stability, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance, making it an essential component in various high-temperature industrial applications.

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