What is the composition of fireclay brick?
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Fireclay brick is a type of refractory brick made from clay and other materials. The exact composition of fireclay brick can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific application, but generally it contains the following components:

The primary component of fireclay brick is clay, which is typically sourced from high-quality kaolin or ball clay deposits. Clay provides plasticity to the brick during molding and contributes to its strength and thermal stability.

Fireclay brick also contains silica (SiO2), which has a high melting point and is chemically stable at high temperatures. Silica helps to improve the refractoriness of the brick and reduce its thermal expansion.

Alumina (Al2O3) is another important component of fireclay brick, as it contributes to its high-temperature strength and chemical resistance. Alumina also helps to stabilize the crystal structure of the clay during firing and improves the brick's resistance to thermal shock.

4.Other additives

Fireclay brick may contain other additives such as fluxes, bonding agents, and plasticizers. These materials help to improve the workability of the clay during molding, enhance the bond between particles, and aid in the formation of a strong, dense brick during firing.
The exact proportions of these components can vary depending on the desired properties of the fireclay brick. For example, high-alumina fireclay bricks may contain more alumina and less silica than standard fireclay bricks, while low-iron fireclay bricks may contain less iron oxide than traditional fireclay bricks.

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