Energy Saving Measures for Calcium Carbide Furnace
  • Time:Mar 27, 2023
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      Through the measurement and calculation of material balance and heat balance, it can be clearly seen that the most important aspects of energy saving and consumption reduction are reducing the amount of raw lime burning and overburning, reducing the temperature of the material surface and flue gas, and strengthening the management of raw materials and operation management. , other aspects of heat loss can not be ignored.

1. Measures to reduce the temperature of the material surface

      It can be seen from the heat balance that the sum of the heat loss of the furnace surface and the heat loss of the furnace gas accounts for about 60% of the total heat loss and 14% of the total electric energy, which is quite considerable. There are many reasons for the high temperature of the material surface, mainly due to the improper insertion of the electrodes into the furnace. The experience of long-term operation of calcium carbide furnace has proved that in order to insert the electrode to the proper depth, the following measures should be taken:

      (1) Increase the resistivity of the charge. There are many ways to improve the resistivity of furnace charges, mainly in the following two ways: one is to reduce the particle size of raw materials; the other is to use some carbon raw materials with high resistivity, such as semi-coke, petroleum coke and high-quality anthracite.

      (2) Select more appropriate electrical parameters and geometric parameters of calcium carbide furnace. When designing a new calcium carbide furnace, it is necessary to select appropriate electrical parameters and geometric parameters of the electric furnace. If the parameters of the original design are not suitable for the old calcium carbide furnace, the opportunity of overhaul should be used to transform the calcium carbide furnace to make the parameters more reasonable.

      (3) Seriously overhaul the calcium carbide furnace equipment, so that the utilization rate of calcium carbide furnace equipment can reach more than 94%.

      (4) Carefully operate the calcium carbide furnace. Regularly pry the material layer once to reduce the red material, eliminate the branch current and increase the feeding speed. The exposure can also adopt the operation method of combining batch feeding and raw burning. In short, we must do everything possible to make the electrodes inserted.

2. Strengthen the operation and management of lime kiln

      At present, only a few calcium carbide factories can control the raw burning rate of lime below 10%, most of them exceed 10%, and some even reach 20%. If calculated on the basis of 10% lime burning rate, this item alone directly increases the power consumption of calcium carbide by 76kW/hA, which not only increases power consumption, but also the operation of calcium carbide furnace is unstable, and the operation of the furnace is difficult, which destroys the production balance and makes the temperature of the material surface And furnace gas temperature rise quotient, affect the quality at the same time. For this, the following measures must be taken:

      (1) Optimizing the lumpiness and quality of limestone;

      (2) Choose coke with suitable lumpiness as fuel;

      (3) Strengthen the operation and management of lime kiln.

3. Improve the structure of calcium carbide furnace equipment

      Through the investigation work, it will be found that some equipment is not ideal and the heat and electricity loss is relatively large, which should be solved during overhaul, such as:

      (1) Parts such as the point pole system and the furnace cover are lost due to poor insulation. At this time, the insulation method should be changed or the insulation material should be replaced.

      (2) In the short network system, the voltage drop from the calcium carbide furnace transformer outlet to each point on the electrode is large, and the contact is poor. At this time, the contact area should be increased, and the wire connection method should be changed; or the pollutants at the interface should be removed and reconnected.

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