Selection of Refractory Materials for Cement Rotary Kiln Grate Cooler and Kiln Door Cover
  • Time:Mar 07, 2023
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      The grate cooler is also called the grate cooler. The grate cooler is a sealed structure. The cement clinker is transported to the clinker warehouse on the chain, and the cement clinker is blown and cooled by a high-power blower at the bottom of the grate cooler. The cooled hot air enters the kiln door cover, part of which enters the rotary kiln as combustion-supporting air for sintering, and most of it is sent to the preheater through the tertiary air duct to preheat the raw material entering the kiln, and the preheated raw material enters the rotary kiln , so back and forth.

      The refractory material at the discharge port of the grate cooler has to withstand the thermal wear of the kiln and the strong hot air flow, and the construction surface in the grate cooler area is very irregular and cannot be built with refractory bricks, so only Castables can be used for overall pouring construction. The castables commonly used for the front wall and low wall of the grate cooler at the kiln outlet are high wear-resistant castables, and steel fiber castables or high-alumina low-cement castables are used for the high places and tops of the side walls. Due to the different skills and construction management levels of the construction personnel of each unit, the castable material of the grate cooler is the most easily damaged part, especially the low walls on both sides. Due to the severe wear and erosion of high-temperature materials, the site is short and difficult to construct. Therefore, there are many manufacturers. The scheme of changing the low wall of the grate cooler to prefabricated bricks for masonry has achieved good results.

      The kiln door cover is a masonry structure that seals the grate cooler. It is used to prevent the heat loss from the grate cooler and the rotary kiln, and transfers the hot air to the preheater through the tertiary air duct. The kiln door cover mainly bears the scouring effect of high-temperature gas. Because of its irregular shape, it is mostly built with high-alumina castables or steel fiber castables. The position where it connects with the tertiary air duct, due to the high wind speed, the hot air containing clinker particles Severe wear will occur in this area, and masonry with high wear-resistant castables. In order to reduce heat loss, before the grate cooler and kiln door cover castables are constructed, a layer of calcium silicate board must be pasted after welding the anchors, and then a layer of waterproofing agent must be applied, and finally poured with castables inside.

      The high-aluminum low-cement castable produced by ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES adopts modern ultra-fine powder and low CA cement addition technology, which improves the medium temperature strength and high temperature stability. The dense microstructure ensures the stability of the overall lining. The service life of high-aluminum low-cement castables is 2-3 times that of traditional castables, and it has the characteristics of high density, high strength and low wear.


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