As you know, mullite insulation bricks are used for hot air ducts!
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Mullite bricks for hot air pipes are aluminum-silicon refractory products with mullite as the main crystal phase, using mullite as the main raw material, adding refractory clay, kaolin, zircon sand and additives. Mullite refractory bricks made of dry, high temperature firing.

1. Why use mullite refractory bricks for hot air ducts?

  Usually the structure of the lining of the hot air duct is refractory spray coating, refractory fiber, light insulation brick and working layer refractory brick. However, after this structure is put into production, the lining will crack and fall off in a short period of time, causing redness and deformation of the pipe, which seriously affects the use of hot air pipes. Mullite brick has certain toughness and wear resistance at high temperature, and can resist the infiltration of carbon monoxide atmosphere. It is the first choice for refractory bricks for hot air duct working layer.

2. Characteristics of mullite bricks for hot air ducts

(1) The softening temperature under load is high.

(2) Good thermal shock resistance.

(3) It has better thermal stress.

(4) Good wear and corrosion resistance.

3. Use of mullite bricks in hot air ducts

  The mullite bricks used in the lining of the hot air duct include: the suspended pipeline and the orifice, the pipeline standpipe and the straight pipe with higher temperature, the onlookers and the temperature stable parts. The grades of mullite bricks used in different areas are different.

4. Precautions for ductile mullite bricks used in hot air ducts

(1) In order to achieve better use effect, when the hot air duct is built with ductile mullite bricks, composite bricks are used to pre-lay the tire membrane.

(2) When building the inner lining, use suitable refractory mortar to match with mullite bricks.

(3) The corresponding grades of mullite refractory bricks should be used for different parts, and mixed use is prohibited.

(4) Mullite bricks with unqualified external dimensions are prohibited from being used.

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