ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES was invited to participate in the "2022 China Cement Industry Summit and TOP100 Award Ceremony"
  • Time:Aug 11, 2022
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      On July 11-12, the 2022 China Cement Industry Summit and TOP100 Awards Ceremony hosted by China Cement Network was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhengzhou Zhenjin Refractory Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the summit.       The cement industry is facing periodic challenges - dual carbon goals, green transformation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, etc. The cement industry also shoulders the h...


      On July 11-12, the "2022 China Cement Industry Summit and TOP100 Awards Ceremony" hosted by China Cement Network was successfully held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhengzhou Zhenjin Refractory Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the summit.

      The cement industry is facing periodic challenges - "dual carbon goals", green transformation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, etc. The cement industry also shoulders the heavy historical responsibility of high-quality development of the industry.

      With the theme of "New Challenges, New Opportunities, New Ecosystems", this summit will discuss in depth the current and future development trends of the cement industry.

      The first half of 2022 is the most difficult period for the cement industry in the past five years, and it is also the worst half year for the industry in recent years. However, the more difficult the cement industry is, the more united the cement industry will be, the more confident it will be, the more likely it will be to explore a high-quality development path, and change the status quo of the industry together.


ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES has been deeply involved in the cement industry for 37 years. At this summit, Li Hailong made a keynote speech on "Progress of New Kiln Lining Refractories for CRK". Li Hailong said that due to factors such as staggered kiln shutdown and overloaded operation in the current cement kiln industry, refractory bricks for ordinary cement kilns can no longer meet the requirements of long-term operation. Periclase-hercynite refractory bricks and magnesia—alumina spinel bricks under different conditions have helped the industry to solve the current problems.


Periclase-hercynite refractory bricks are made of sintered magnesia and preformed hercynite. The features product are strong coat ability and flexibility corrosion resistance, peeling resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance. It is an ideal chromium-free basic refractory material for the cement burning zone.

The over 10,000t/d CRK of Huaxin Cement (Huangshi)Co., adopts periclase-hercynite refractory bricks. The first cycle runs safely for 410 days. The second cycle has been ignited since November 2021 and is still in safe operation. It is believed that in the second cycle Running will have better results.


Magnesia—alumina spinel brick is another ace product of ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES. It is a high-grade basic material composed of magnesia and spinel, formed by high-press mounding and fired at high temperature.

Magnesia—alumina spinel bricks are used in many cement companies such as Huaxin Cement's 14 cement kiln production lines, Jiangxi Wannianqing cement production lines, and Dongfang Hope Chongqing cement production lines. Magnesia—alumina spinel bricks can be customized according to the working conditions and specific physical and chemical indicators to meet the needs of refractory bricks under different working conditions.

At this China Cement Industry Summit, ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES won the honorary titles of "2021 China Cement Industry Energy-Saving Star Supplier" and "2021 China Cement Industry Top 100 Suppliers".


ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES actively responds to the national double-carbon green development requirements, and continues to develop and apply energy-saving, environmentally friendly, functional and high-efficiency refractory materials during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. The company has always adhered to the requirements of the national development strategy, and with the support of relevant departments such as the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, the company has made remarkable achievements in adhering to green development and kiln renovation.

In the face of the severe situation of the cement industry in 2022, the government work report requires that it must climb over the hurdle. ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES is confident that facing the elasticity of the industry, it can go up if it can go down.

In the first half of the year, the epidemic disrupted the production rhythm of cement companies and dampened the confidence of the industry. Gao Dengbang, president of the Cement Association, emphasized at the summit: "The cement industry needs a national game of chess", and no market can stand alone. The cement industry has reached the international level in terms of green development, but the price of cement is still very unstable compared to the international level. How to bring the enterprise to a better development height is the main problem of the current industry.

ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES is based on high-temperature industries such as cement and plays a leading role. In the second half of 2022, it will continue to adhere to the concept that industry interests are higher than corporate interests, and focus on industry profits to promote the industry to achieve steady growth and play a good role. Keep up with the pace of the country, continue to innovate and create refractory materials, save energy, reduce consumption, intelligent manufacturing, realize green production, set a good example for the industry, and serve the construction of national brands.


At the summit site, many cement manufacturers came to the booth to visit and exchange, and customers have developed a strong interest in the refractory materials and production technology of ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES.

In order to ensure the quality of products, ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES always demands itself with the standard of "there must be no flaws". The company has introduced Japanese X-ray fluorescence spectrometer monitoring equipment to quickly and accurately monitor various indicators of raw materials, ensure the stable performance of raw materials, and achieve strict control of product quality. The production line adopts automatic microcomputer batching, automatic molding of CNC 2500T brick press, and automatic natural gas firing process. The refractory shaped products adopt the European refractory brick intelligent sorting system production line, and the products are inspected one by one to ensure that the factory pass rate is 100%.

ZHENGJIN REFRACTORIES has been striving towards the goal of becoming the most competitive domestic and internationally renowned comprehensive service provider of refractory materials. Difficulties, achieve steady growth, and write a new chapter for the national brand.

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