<b>Refractory materials for cement industry</b>
Refractory materials for cement industry
Jul 28, 2022
ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES devotes to research and to develop high-quality refractory materials for a long time. A series of high-grade refractory materials to meet the needs of the cement industry. The composite structure GUIMO independently developed by ZHENJIN REFRACTORIES has both wear-resisting and heat-insulating effects, and is the preferred material for green, environmental and energy-saving production in cement industry.
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Environmentally friendly

cement industry

≥2.95 g/cm³


Fe₂O₃ 3-4.5%

Al₂O₃ ≥70%

≥2.55 g/cm³


flexibility corrosion

high temperature stability enhance

cement, nonferrous and chemical industry

Al₂O₃ 10-13%


≥2.95 g/cm³

dense tissue structure

flexibility corrosion

cement and lime industry

SiC+SiO₂ ≥30%


≥2.5 g/cm³

strong peeling resistance

excellent thermal shock resistance

cement and steel industry

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