How to distinguish magnesia bricks
  • Time:Aug 25, 2023
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  Basic magnesia brick is a high-temperature refractory material, which is suitable for lining of high-temperature equipment in steel, chemical and other industries. The following introduces the method of distinguishing magnesia bricks from the texture, color, density, hardness and corrosion resistance of magnesia bricks.

  1. The texture of magnesia bricks: the texture of alkaline magnesia bricks is relatively dense and the surface is smooth.

  2. Color of magnesia bricks: the color of alkaline magnesia bricks is generally white or off-white.

  3. Density of magnesia bricks: In the case of the same volume, alkaline magnesia bricks are lighter than other common types of refractory bricks.

  4. The hardness of magnesia bricks: the hardness of alkaline magnesia bricks is relatively low, which is not as high as that of high alumina bricks and aluminum silicate bricks.

  5. Corrosion resistance of magnesia bricks: Alkaline magnesia bricks have good corrosion resistance in alkaline environments, but are easily corroded in acidic environments.


  It should be noted that in order to ensure the normal operation, safety and stability of the equipment, when selecting and using alkaline magnesia bricks, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the specific equipment type, use environment, process requirements and other factors, and strictly follow the national standards and Industry standards are selected and used to ensure proper operation and durability of equipment.

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