What are the uses of refractory castables
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refractory castable is a special refractory material with fluidity and can be installed by pouring, injection or spraying during construction. The material is stable in high temperature environments and has excellent thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance. Here are a few common uses of refractory castables:

1. High-temperature furnace lining: refractory castables are widely used in the lining of various high-temperature furnaces, such as iron and steel smelting furnaces, aluminum electrolytic cells, glass melting furnaces, and reactors in petrochemical and chemical industries. They withstand high temperatures and are resistant to alkali metals, acid gases and molten substances.

2. High temperature storage equipment: refractory castables are also widely used in high temperature storage equipment, such as high temperature storage tanks, high temperature heat shields and heat treatment furnaces. These devices need to withstand high temperature conditions while maintaining good thermal insulation properties to prevent heat loss and ensure safe operation.

3. High-temperature pipelines and pipeline trapping: In high-temperature pipeline systems, refractory castables can be used to fill, repair or reinforce damaged parts of pipelines. They have good pressure resistance and wear resistance, and can withstand the impact of high temperature and gas flow.

4. Cushion and heat insulation layer: refractory castable can be used as a cushion or heat insulation layer to provide protection and heat insulation. For example, in industrial furnaces, they can be used as a protective layer for floors or walls, reducing heat conduction and heat radiation losses.

5. Heat treatment mold: Some refractory castables have good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, so they are often used to manufacture heat treatment molds. These molds are used in metal heating and cooling processes, are able to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress, and provide the desired shape and surface quality.


In general, refractory castables play an important role in various high-temperature industrial fields, and have a wide range of uses and diversification. According to the specific working environment and requirements, different types of refractory castables can be selected to meet specific application needs.

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